Get your business centralized and this machine working 24/7 for YOU today

Core Benefits

  • You are in a cloud-based vault with Make1c for all the websites you are dealing with
  • Unlimited storage for ALL your Marketing info no matter how many websites you are using
  • Have access to a database driven system that is powerful & easy to use
  • Make1c will centralize ALL your Marketing Credentials under a single login
  • There is Double Encryption on all usernames and passwords, so you are safe & secure
  • All websites stored in the database have their WHOIS information stamped on the record for you to see
  • Build your business using a personalized network builder for ALL your website promotions
  • Use My Social Network with its Social tools for engagement with new friends

Do you need more information?

Imagine that you have a resource of 1,533 Websites at your fingertips that will display their information for you to peruse. What if you knew the site was just created yesterday? Wouldnt that be important to know? There is good information with regards to the WHOIS that is stamped on all the records of the 1,533 websites that are in the database. You will see the creation date, registrar, IP and more information in the WHOIS that is stamped on all service records.

You need your referral URL for a website you are promoting, but its been awhile since you last logged in and you can't remember what it is, so you need to login to get it. You get to the login and now you need your user/pass and you don't remember that either. You hit the forgot password and they said that an email was sent, BUT... you don't get it. Has this ever happened with you? Now what do you do?

SOLUTION: What if you had ALL your Referral URLs under just ONE login? Would that help? What's your time worth? Personally I like to KNOW what my user/pass are BEFORE I go to a site, which is exactly what you get with Make1c and you can store ALL your Referral URLs in Make1c!

Many people keep their credentials (Usernames, passwords, referral URLs, banner code, etc) in a spreadshhet or doc file so they can just look it up when they need it.

The problem with this method is it's NOT centralized and breaks down easily. If you are on your mobile device and do not have access to your spreadsheet what do you do for your credentials? However with an INTERNET centralized storage/retrieval system IT DOESN'T MATTER what device you are on as long as you have internet access you can get to your credentials through your Make1c.

With 1,533 websites in the database (And growing daily) you have the LARGEST website network builder in the world. In addition we are an open platform system so you can PERSONALIZE the network building to JUST THE WEBSITES YOU ARE PROMOTING for all of your Make1c network to be tied to on the category pages.

This gives you a single site to promote and whoever joins under you is in YOUR Make1c network. For all the sites you activate with your referral URL that is another site on a category page with a Join Now link for your front line to use. That link is YOUR referral URL and when your network click it, that is a potential signup for you. It also goes 5 levels deep! If no one in your network activate the service and someone 5 levels down clicks the Join Now, that is YOUR referral link. It's very powerful, yet easy to use.

As a Make1c subscriber you will have FULL access to My Social Network with its vast array of social tools you can use to engage new friends. I am talking about a social service where you have Blogs with RSS Feed buttons & Subscribe buttons for inbound marketing. You also have multiple chat mechanisms for direct contact including Video chat one on one with friends in YOUR community.

There is so much more with Groups, Events, Forums, News, Photos, Profile page, Sounds, Store, Sites, more personal Pages with an array of tools to put there, multiple homepage & member layouts, auto-friend, Facebook interface, Twitter interface and there is so much more! You get it all with your Make1c subscription.